Our Purpose:

The goal of the Aethelmearc Moneyers Guild is to provide a forum for medieval recreationists who have an interest in numismatics and medieval coins.  It is our task to provide the monarchs of Aethelmearc with official coins for Their use during Their reign (in whatever manner They see fit).  We strive to create replicas that are similar in appearance to actual medieval coins from a specific time and place.  We also strive to make recreated medieval currency ubiquitous in the Sylvan Kingdom, and to include as many gentles as possible in the process of coinmaking.  In accordance with modern law, we do not create exact replicas of ancient coins.

Our History:

A charter for a Moneyers Guild in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc (accompanied by a royal pound of Roman pennies) was submitted to TRM Gareth and Juliana upon Their ascension to the thrones in the fall of AS LII.  At the 12th Night celebration for the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, in that same societal year, TRM accepted the petition and the Guild was officially formed.  The first senior members of the Guild were Duke Thomas Byron of Haverford (as Guildmaster) and Master Anias Fenne (as Treasurer).

The coins for Gareth and Juliana were not the first royal coins to be minted for the crowns of Aethelmearc, as previous Royalty had intermittently commissioned royal currency.  Personal coins had also been occasionally seen in these lands, even before the principality was formed.

The guild has always been open to any members of the populace of Aethelmearc who wish to belong.